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Promotions Available July 1st, 2024 – December 31st, 2024

Advantage means putting you in a better position, and that’s exactly what we want for you!

The work you do is more important now than ever before, and the samples you produce more precious. You have been able to rely on Eppendorf to help deliver accurate, reliable results, but we want to be more than your provider of consumables, instruments, and services. We are also here to be your partner and resource center. Our bi-annual publication includes articles and promotional offers. We hope to help give you the Advantage to succeed in the lab!

Get 15% off the Mastercycler® X40, plus free BioBased plates!

In today's labs, where PCR is a common practice, your thermocycler should consistently deliver exceptional performance. Discover the Mastercycler X40, built with Eppendorf quality, ensuring dependable results with every PCR run.

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Buy an Eppendorf Centrifuge 5910 Ri Cell Culture Bundle and receive a complimentary microcentrifuge with a 24-place rotor.

Gentle centrifugation and precise controls is crucial for maintaining cell integrity. The Eppendorf Centrifuge 5910 Ri is your solution for advancing your cell culture research. Along with an intuitive touch-interface and four-liter capacity, it offers unmatched versatility while ensuring optimal conditions for cell viability and productivity.

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Free Universal Platform on the purchase of the Innova S44i Shaker

The latest and move advanced incubator shaker, the Innova S44i, can fit up to twice as many flasks as other shakers in the market and is ready to reliably support high-yield expression protocols at high speeds, 24/7.

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Buy a non-refrigerated Microcentrifuge 5425 with keypad control panel and receive a complimentary 3-pack of Research® Plus (one-channel) pipettes with 3x epT.I.P.S® Box 2.0!

The Eppendorf Microcentrifuge 5425, with a max speed of 21,300 × g and six rotor options, offers whisper quiet operation even at max speed. Maintain your sample throughput while enjoying ergonomic features such as soft touch lid closure and Quicklock, aerosol tight rotors.

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Buy a Research® Plus 16 or 24 channel pipette, get 50 free 384-well skirted PCR plates – perfect for efficient PCR setups

Get free twin.tec® skirted PCR plates with our advanced 16 or 24 channel Research plus pipettes—ideal for fast, accurate 384-well filling.

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