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Connect your lab with VisioNize Lab Suite

Are you interested in monitoring your lab devices and receiving notifications (e.g. for device alarms)? A digital, connected lab offers even more.

,,Gain access to a modular range of digital services and choose what works for your lab. VisioNize Lab Suite offers everything you need as a Lab Manager or Scientist to get started to digitally manage your lab for increased sample security, compliance needs, and maintenance management.

,,Remotely monitor your Centrifuge 5910 Ri right from your desk and get a notification when the run is ready or in the event of alarms, errors, warnings, upcoming maintenance tasks, and more. Go paperless with access to user manuals and important service certificates directly in VisioNize.

Promotions Available July 1st – December 31st, 2023

Advantage means putting you in a better position, and that’s exactly what we want for you!

The work you do is more important now than ever before, and the samples you produce more precious. You have been able to rely on Eppendorf to help deliver accurate, reliable results, but we want to be more than your provider of consumables, instruments, and services. We are also here to be your partner and resource center. Our bi-annual publication includes articles and promotional offers. We hope to help give you the Advantage to succeed in the lab!

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Expand your Protein Expression Toolkit

Get 15% off the New Brunswick S41i CO2 Incubator-Shaker. Stable, uniform, and vibration-free shaking will give you more reproducible results with the New Brunswick S41i CO2 Incubator-Shaker.

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Save on a Mastercycler ® Premier PCR Package

With the purchase of one Mastercycler® X50 a you get one 8-channel Eppendorf Research® plus Move It® pipette and two packs of twin.tec® Trace PCR Plates for free! 

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It’s All About Your Samples

Save up to 33% on the CryoCube® F440 and get free side-accessible racks for 2” boxes!

The CryoCube® F440 ULT Freezer family is equipped with reliable heavy-duty compressors for quick pull-down time and short recovery times after door opening. Your samples have a safe place to rest.

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Get Ready to Grow and Harvest Your Cells

The cell culture package! Choose what you need to grow and harvest your cells.

Enjoy 40% off of the CellXpert® C170i CO2 Incubator when you buy the 5430 R or the 5810 R refrigerated centrifuges!

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Have Confidence in Your Consumables

Select certified confidence in line with your applications and achieve reliable results every time.

Buy one pack of LoBind® PCR Clean Consumables and get the second at 50% off!

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